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20th International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science and Engineering, will be organized around the theme “Optimizing the demand of Material Science with the help of recent technologies”

Euro Material Science 2019 is comprised of 18 tracks and 95 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Euro Material Science 2019.

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Material Science is that the branch of science deals with the structure, properties, performance, characterization and method of materials that related to construction or manufacture like metals, polymers, ceramics and composites etc. Through the help of the material science we'll apprehend the history of the material like physical and chemical properties, so thus a reason material science and engineering options a pleasant scope significantly in rhetorical engineering, Nano technology, bio materials, metallurgy, failure analysis, investigation materials.


  • Track 1-13-D Printing
  • Track 1-2Computational science and Theory
  • Track 1-3Crystallography
  • Track 1-4Kinetics
  • Track 1-5Bonding

Propelled Materials, made open here as materials, and their related procedure advances, with the possibility to be misused in high superimposed stock, is each multidisciplinary zones like physical science, science, connected arithmetic and traverse each innovation zones like regular science and photonics, biosciences and market parts alongside vitality, transport, social insurance, bundling.

  • Track 2-1Materials For Portable Power Sources
  • Track 2-2Defense and Security
  • Track 2-3Energy Generation and Supply
  • Track 2-4Bio Active and Bio Compatible Materials
  • Track 2-5Smart and Multi-functional Materials

Nano Technology is outlined because the science deals with the acute little particles or one dimension sized particles from one to a hundred nm referred to as Nano particles. These particles have the power to manage individual atoms and molecules. attributable to the various potential applications wide selection of analysis goes underneath the Nano technology throughout the world like surface science, chemical science, biological science, semiconductor physics, energy storage, small fabrication, molecular engineering, etc.


  • Track 3-1Dimensionality In Nano Material
  • Track 3-2Nano Spinitronics
  • Track 3-3Nano Toxicology
  • Track 3-4Nano Electronics
  • Track 3-5Nano Bio Materials
  • Track 3-6Nano Engineering

Nano Materials are establishments of Nano science and Nanotechnology. Nano materials and Nano advancement may be a broad and learning a base area of examination and change development that has been ending up hazardously worldwide inside the past couple of years. It has the potential for modifying the behavior by which materials and thing are made and besides the range and nature of functionalities that may be gotten to. Nano materials starting at now having a noteworthy business influence, which can beyond question augment inside what's to come


  • Track 4-1Nano-foam
  • Track 4-2Green Nanotechnology
  • Track 4-3Nanozymes
  • Track 4-4Nano Metrology
  • Track 4-5DNA Nanotechnology

Earthenware production square measure the strong involving metals that are principally control in valancy and electrovalent bond. Earthenware production are inorganic mixes constitutes of either non-metal or metalloids molecules. These are hearty in pressure, powerless in cutting off and stretch. the material that is shaped from 2 or a great deal of substances that are having their own particular different individual synthetic and physical properties along to make absolutely an extraordinary compound with various properties to the parent mixes are alluded to as composite materials. Earthenware composite materials or clay grid materials are fired strands stock-still in an extremely fired lattice, so shaping an artistic fiber fortified fired filaments.


  • Track 5-1Nano-structured Ceramics
  • Track 5-2Thermoset Polymer Matrix
  • Track 5-3Armor Ceramics
  • Track 5-4Sintering
  • Track 5-5Metal Composites

Metallurgy is otherwise called the advancement of science. It deals with the physical and engineered direct of metals and their mixes known as amalgams. Metallurgy over again stretched out in to 2 classes; they're dull metallurgy that courses of action with the metallic segment materials and tinted metallurgy that game plans with the non-ferrous materials. Metals and metallurgy cares with the social affair of metallic parts to be utilized as a part of client or building stock. This incorporates the social gathering of composites, the shaping the glow treatment and thusly the surface treatment of the stock. The endeavor of the metallurgist is to recognize modify between material properties like worth, weight, quality, quality, hardness, utilization, shortcoming insurance, and execution in temperature extremes to esteem this goal, the specialist setting ought to be deliberately thought of In to an extraordinary degree water setting, ferrous metals and some metal blends disintegrate quickly. Metals exhibited to cool or refrigerant conditions may drive forward through a bendable to frail change and lose their solidness, twisting up heaps of delicate and in danger of part. Metals underneath industrious cyclic stacking can encounter the evil impacts of metal exhaustion. Metals underneath reliable stress at lifted temperatures can creep.


  • Track 6-1Calcination
  • Track 6-2Extractive Metallurgy
  • Track 6-3Physical Metallurgy
  • Track 6-4Mineral Processing
  • Track 6-5Powder Metallurgy

Biomaterials are the non-calm substances that are planned to act with the regular structure either as a territory of restorative device or to modify or repair any broken organs or tissues. Biomaterials are resolved either typically or falsely. at this moment every day's various investigates are continuing relating to the Bio materials and Bio contraptions and brought a gigantic change at between times the restorative field and grounds up being produced of Joint substitutions, Bone plates, Intraocular central focuses for eye medical procedure, Bone concrete, Manufactured tendons, Dental supplements for tooth fixation, vas prostheses, Heart valves, recreated tissue, anatomical structure substitutions, Contact central focuses, Bosom embeds, Medication movement instruments, property materials, tube-formed structure joins together, Stents, Nerve courses, Surgical sutures, fastens, and staples for wound conclusion, and ,Surgical work, Imaging and Perception Gadgets.


  • Track 7-1Energy Harvesting for Bio Devices
  • Track 7-2Rehabilitation Technology
  • Track 7-3Bio Device Fabrication
  • Track 7-4Wearable and Mobile Devices
  • Track 7-5Radio/Photo Therapy Devices
  • Track 7-6Diagnostic Devices

Compound could be an immense molecule or full scale particle made out of collection of relentless subunits known as monomers. The technique for changing monomers in to polymers is named polymer science. They're starches, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. These polymers are framed absolutely one of a kind monomers and serve various limits.

  • Track 8-1Supra Molecular Polymers
  • Track 8-2Crystallinity
  • Track 8-3Conjugated Small Porous Compound
  • Track 8-4Sequence-Controlled Compound
  • Track 8-5Forensic Compound Engineering

Materials science incorporates the usage of science for the layout and association of materials with entrancing or possibly significant physical traits, for instance, appealing, optical and essential or synergist properties. It in like manner incorporates the depiction, taking care of and nuclear level understanding of these substances.          


  • Track 9-1Ion transport membranes
  • Track 9-2Superconductors
  • Track 9-3Metal–organic frameworks
  • Track 9-4Two-dimensional interfacial colloidal crystallization

Savvy materials, called moreover Intelligent or responsive materials, These materials are having no less than one property that can be basically changed in a controlled way by outside lifts, for instance, extend, temperature, sogginess, pH, electric or appealing fields, light, or blend blends. Brilliant Materials are the commence of various applications, including sensors and actuators, or made muscles, particularly as electrically started polymers


  • Track 10-1Self-healing materials
  • Track 10-2Photomechanical materials
  • Track 10-3Chromogenic systems
  • Track 10-4Electro active polymers
  • Track 10-5Halo chromic materials

Drawing in Materials is named having a place with no shy of what one of 3 classes, subordinate upon their charming properties. Paramagnetic and Ferro attracting materials are those created utilizing particles that have driving forward captivating minutes. Dia Magnetic materials are those created utilizing particles that don't have enduring charming minutes. Magnets can competently pull in ferromagnetic materials, powerless attract paramagnetic materials, and incapacitated shock diamagnetic materials. Ferromagnetic materials have the most spellbinding occupations. The most sensible use for diamagnetic materials is in flabbergasting levitation.

  • Track 11-1Magnetic Measurements
  • Track 11-2Rapidly Solidified Magnetic Nano-Wires and Sub-Micron Wires
  • Track 11-3Multiferroic Nano-Particles
  • Track 11-4Fe-Al Alloys Magnetism
  • Track 11-5M-Type Barium Hexagonal Ferrite Films
  • Track 11-6Magneto Photonic Crystals

Earth very much arranged, condition kind, eco-obliging, nature-pleasing, and green are lifting claims identifying with stock and organizations, laws, pointers and methodologies that intercommunicate reduced, irrelevant, or no insidiousness inside the smallest, upon situations or the atmosphere.

  • Track 12-1Green Analytical Methodologies
  • Track 12-2Green Commerce
  • Track 12-3Green Energy Prospects and Technology
  • Track 12-4Environmental Protection
  • Track 12-5Green Bio Fuels and Energy
  • Track 12-6Environmental Engineering

Surface Engineering is that the branch of Advanced Materials manages the surface of the strong issue. Every strong has its own particular mass material alluded to as mass area encased by surface alluded to as surface Engineering. At first the surface building isn't utilized as a part of wide scale. it's occasionally connected to electro plating strategies to evade erosion, wear and tear and so forth., anyway at present a days it assumes an indispensable part in various branches like physical, concoction, physical science, electrical, thermodynamics and mechanical sciences and so on., right now it's not exclusively utilized for the harm and tear anyway conjointly used in the varying technique like acceptance, plasma, contact sun based shafts and so on.

  • Track 13-1Multi-Component Deposits
  • Track 13-2Graded Deposits
  • Track 13-3Beta-C3N4
  • Track 13-4Beta-C3N4
  • Track 13-5Meta Glass

Biosensors and Bio electrical Materials used for the acknowledgment of a logical that mixes a natural part with a science discoverer. This ordinarily speaks to the boss noteworthy a bit of the sensor device. Regardless, it's conceivable to think about a simple to utilize exhibit that has electrical device and fragile part


  • Track 14-1Microfluidics Biosensors
  • Track 14-2Biosensors In Drug Delivery
  • Track 14-3Neural Sensor
  • Track 14-4Molecular Recognition Bio Molecules
  • Track 14-5Array Biosensor

Electronic Materials can't abstain from being materials considered and utilized on a very basic level for his or her electrical properties. The electrical reaction of materials by and large begins from the segments of electrons, and their association with particles and particles. a material will be named a conductor, semiconductor or material persisting with its reaction to relate degree outside power field.

  • Track 15-1High-temperature Superconductivity
  • Track 15-2Electronic Packaging
  • Track 15-3Conventional Superconductor
  • Track 15-4Superconductivity

Optical Materials used for the trading of light by infers that of shrewd, holding, focusing or part of an optical shaft. The result of those materials is incredibly poor of the distinctive wavelengths. A broad assortment of asks about were coordinated and prompts the change of lasers, warm surge, photon conductivity and optical strands et cetera.

  • Track 16-1Photonic Crystals
  • Track 16-2Holography
  • Track 16-3Optical Sensors
  • Track 16-4Opto-Acoustic Materials
  • Track 16-5Optical Nano Structures

The present fragment explored the advance of examination in carbon Nano structures and graphene, inside the locale of blend, properties and applications and moreover material science, surge, normal and centrality applications. The expected properties and occupations of those carbon Nano-materials have spread out new open gateways for the more widened term gadgets and materials. The advance likewise as understanding the properties and investigation of carbon Nano materials and graphene has opened a radical new universe of businesses for Nano-materials customarily. These information base approachs opened the course to a broad fluctuate of utilizations correspondingly as hugeness change and point of confinement, catalysis, electronic, optoelectronic and furthermore arrangement applications.



  • Track 17-1Nano Tribology
  • Track 17-2Carbon nano Structures
  • Track 17-3Nano Fluidics
  • Track 17-4Nano Medicine
  • Track 17-5Graphene Nano Ribbons
  • Track 17-6Nano-Robotics

They are various promising little scale imperativeness procuring materials used together with pottery generation, single valuable stones, polymers and composites. The purpose of the essentialness gathering materials isn't to consider gigantic measure of vitality anyway to get little measures of vitality that is being misused inside the step by step solitary methods. These similarly are suggested as power gathering or imperativeness scavenging or incorporating power materials, as it were, utilized as a part of wearable trademark judiciousness and remote device frameworks.


  • Track 18-1Dynamo Mechanical Power
  • Track 18-2Piezoelectric Materials
  • Track 18-3Pedal Electricity Generators
  • Track 18-4Thermoelectric Materials
  • Track 18-5Smart Transportation Intelligent System
  • Track 18-6Pyro Electrical Materials
  • Track 18-7Meta Material